Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas leave

Hello hobbyists,

I'm on leave for the next 3 weeks and that usually means modeling.  I'm headed home for Christmas so that will limit my ability to construct and model.

That being said, I should be able to do some sketching and concept drawing.

I've been really inspired recently.  There is a wealth of heresy stuff out there and it's given me the bug. 

I recently got the battle for Calth and the wonderful model, Primarch Roboute Guilliman.

I may not be the best sketched but Wait out to see more.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Other diversions.

Hello hobbyists,

Built something kind of different this time.  For work we usually have crazy parties where you dress up like a fool.

This year it was decided that everyone would dress up like batman.  So I designed and built my favorite batman costume.

I started with a random box I had in the basement to get the basic measurements.  

I then built that shape out of foam core.  To sturdy it up, I added guntape (duct tape) and coated the entire thing in spray on rubber. Printed and then cut the symbol out of acitate (overhead projector paper).  I fixed it in place and then spray painted grey and then yellow over the stencil.

Next came the helmet.

This was a little trickier.  I used a cardboard cement form for the basic round shape.  I then painted the first layers of colour on it, stupidly starting with sunburst yellow, because I forgot that legobatman is pink in the Lego movie.  I then cut out the mask in Eva foam and then sprayed it down with the the rubber spray.  Luckily I didn't have to paint after I sprayed the black.  I then found the expression I wanted and went to town with the black.  I was worried that the white wouldn't have enough pigment, so I borrowed the girlfriends whiteout to finish the job.  Below you have the finished product.

Hope you enjoyed another strange creation.

Happy hobbying!