Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter and work.

Well hello fine hobbyists,

Thought I'd share the small work project I was working on.  It's mostly for instruction purposes, but the intent for this project was to build map tokens of military units for work wargaming.  Strangely enough people still do it to figure out the best solutions to problems.

The picture above is a collection of these NATO unit symbol which I free handed, laminated and stuck magnets to the back.  They should be waterproof so they can be used outdoors, and they will be a good in class aid for instruction this spring.  Sometimes hobby skills can be used for work too.

Although not as colorful (at this point in construction) the above photo is the start state of the cities of death photos I was showing earlier.  The pink foam is scored with a battery operated soldering iron, which makes good even etches.  Remember that if you are doing this you need appropriate ventilation.  The black paint is enamel and won't score or eat away at the foam.  The technique developed a bit in the process and the next post will be a step by step walk through.

Happy hobbying,


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New table

Apologies and New Years resolutions are suckers.

So sorry for not posting anything new in over a year.

I haven't been idle though.  I got inspired by the guys at The painting bunker who built some amazing cities of death (or for you old guys out there city fight) terrain.

Armed with insulating foam and mdf board I went about building some basic tiles 2x2 ft tiles.

This is the last tile I made which turned out the best so far, it's a landing pad

These are the four tiles together.  So far I've made some minor changes in painting and weathering.

Here is the big blue guy (Roboute Guilliman) on the table.  I'm planning on adding snow in minor patches to tie the whole table and scenery together.

A little better lighting but still not great.  I'll have to work on that one.

I'll be sure to keep those of you interested still interested as I further develop the table.

Cheers and happy hobbying.