Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hello again,

The plan from now on is to post at least once a week and maybe twice on weekends.  Given my work schedule this should be doable until I get sent away for a couple of weeks to endure the frozen wilds of Canada.  Until then I will continue to post.

Like I said before, I went and found the best mock up sketches and



and after compiling all of the design elements and scrounging my bits boxes, I came up with a plan.  Given the time frame I had chosen, Post Heresy, I decided that Roboute Guilliman would most likely be armed with the Fists of Ultramar and would carry a Gladius, possible that of his father as a secondary weapon.  He would probably wear some form of Terminator armour as it provides protection and a tactical advantage, going with his personality. Using many of the pieces I already had and custom making templates where needed I started piecing the beast together.  I wanted to rush the process so many times and in a couple of places it is evident that I did.  That being said, I have also not actually modelled anything in quite a long time.

below is the final product, let me know what you think.

I'm quite happy with the outcome and might build another one to represent him Pre-Heresy as well.

Cheers, and Happy Modelling.


I have returned to modelling like Caesar crossed the rubicon.  With the interest in the Horus Heresy, and having recently read Know No Fear, I decided to make the Ultramarines 5th Grand Company in the time shortly after the consolidation and embarking on the Great Hunt.  The army would include dreadnoughts, tactical squads and a custom model representing Roboute Guilliman.  The first thing I was going to do was start with some research.  I read the descriptions and searched the great google machine for inspiration.  Having found a number of pictures including fantastic cover art and a bunch of deviantart sketches I began compiling what i thought were the bet representations.  Some pictures are over the top, but some really great material is available.  I'll post some of the pieces in the next post.  Next, I began sketching my own ideas.  This too will follow.  Finally I started putting the pieces together.  Below is a teaser of the finished model.

Hope you enjoy.  Happy Modelling.